Overview of EU-MATHS-IN

The EU-MATHS-IN (”European Service Network of Mathematics for Industry and Innovation”) was registered as a foundation on the 26th of November 2013 in Amsterdam. Its promoting members are EMS ("The European Mathematical Society") and ECMI ("European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry"); according to its organizational structure it is an international network of national networks. The organization strongly builds on the EMS and mathematics-industry cooperation experience summarized in the document of the EMS [1] and in the book of EMS and ESF[2].

EU-MATHS-IN aims to leverage the impact of mathematics on innovations in key technologies by enhanced communication and information exchange between and among the involved stakeholders on a European level. It shall become a dedicated one-stop shop to coordinate and facilitate the required exchanges in the field of application-driven mathematical research and its exploitation for innovations in industry, science and society. For this it shall build an e-infrastructure that provides tailored access to information and facilitates communication and exchange by player-specific sets of services. It will act as facilitator, translator, educator and link between and among the various players and their communities in Europe.

[1] Forward Look on Mathematics and Industry, IREG Strassburg, 2010. ISBN 978-2-918428-28-2

[2] Th. Lery, M. Primicerio, M.J. Esteban, M. Fontes, Y. Maday, V. Mehrmann, G. Quadros, W. Schilders, A. Schuppert, H. Tewkesbury (eds).: European Success Stories in Industrial Mathematics. Springer Heidelberg, 2012. ISBN 978-3-642-23847-5


More information: http://www.eu-maths-in.eu